“ If India can conquer Space,then we can conquer HUNGER too ”
City of joy " is not only a praising name for the sake of name.People in Kolkata must be Joyful...Nobody should struggle for food and live in misery. To retain the joyfulness in every souls of Kolkata,it is our endeveaour to feed every hungry stomachs through LunchBox Program.

There are many people come to our “CITY OF JOY” across the districts for medical emergency or job searching or other reasons. These people are not necessarily belong to privileged class rather many are struggling in their daily life..

The “LUNCHBOX FOR HUNGERS” is a food donation project that aims to feed the hungry souls who visit kolkata or live in kolkata so that we may help change these people’s lives for a better tomorrow. Lunches will be given out to walk-in clients like: Patient/Patient parties of govt. Hospitals,Esplanade area, Park circus area, Railway stn etc, in the form of prepacked lunch box, the food sourced will be nutritional vegeterian meals with drinking water.

For Full sponsorship minimum 100 plates need to be sponsored.

For Full Sponsorship , we invite sponsors at the venue to distribute the 'LunchBox' at his own or with family

Sponsorship Date preferred to be 7days(Working) before than the event date for the smooth arrangement.

We don’t serve Non Veg LUNCHBOX

For any further queries please mail us



Clothes are the essential requirement along with food and shelter. This is our continuous endeavour to supply basic clothes to the tribal and underprivileged people of 12 villages of G-Plot,Sundarban.

FY18-19,SOUL distributed more than 3600 new clothes,it includes shoes,blankets,school supplies,work uniforms,mosquito nets,sweaters,sarees,vest,dhuti,sandals,pants,kurta,salwarkamij, frocks, kurti, shirts etc.


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