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Case Study - Baisakhi Mullick

Baisakhi Mullick is another member of the Ashram. Soft-spoken, she impressed everyone around her with her calmness. Coming from a family which had the same issues of societal backwardness, she was one of those many girls whose future was tangled in the wedding knot. Her family’s only decision for her was to send her off to her in-laws. And as usual, her education was of no importance.
After SOUL took her in, a new energy was born in her. It was clearly visible how happy she was being with the people around her. She was also found to be a quick-learner and can be seen taking part in a drama on child marriage speaking against it and that too in English.

Link to the drama video: (the girl on the extreme left)

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Case Study - Krishna Nayek

They say true strength lies in the heart. And Krishna Nayek has proved it. If you are wondering who she is, Krishna Nayek is the newest and the youngest member of the Vidhyashram. Belonging to the Sabar tribe,she was taken into shelter, by SOUL on March 29, 2018,at the tender age of 7.
Krishna began her battle in life almost from birth. She was malnourished. Considered a burden by her family, she was neglected. The reason which worried her family and especially her mother was not how she would live her life but who would marry her. This just shows the stage at which their society is standing. Her dreams did not matter in the least. Her education was not given a thought to. And that she was young made no one listen to her and her wishes for her own life. She felt all alone.
But when she came under the shelter of SOUL and saw what all she could do, a new light shone in her. From the day she was welcomed,SOUL had never seen a more enthusiastic “soul”. Krishna, with a smile on her face at all times, seemed to win the hearts of all the members of the Ashram. On her first day, she was very happy to meet her new friends and so were they. She brought in a new energy which was gladly received by all the other little members of the Ashram.She eventually regained her health as well. The teachers at the Ashram were surprised at her learning skills for she had learnt to write letters on the chalkboard on the first day itself, and she was appreciated by all.
She has even been a part of a drama on child marriage where she is found speaking in English. This is a huge step towards a better future for all of them.
The teachers have encouraged her enthusiasm and urged her to continue working hard so that one day she can achieve her dreams and prove herself to all those who had disregarded her.
Krishna is one of the few whom SOUL is helping to gain back the power to dream which they had lost.With your help and SOUL’s efforts,many more such beautiful souls will learn to fly high.

Link to the video

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Case Study - Sonali Nayek

Sonali Nayek is another happy soul at the Ashram. An ever-smiling little girl of 8 years, Sonali too was a victim of malnutrition when SOUL found her. Disregarded by her community, she too was considered a burden. No education and no means to dream could lead her nowhere and there was no one to take her side.
But after she joined the Ashram, there came a radical change in her. She was found to be very jovial with her friends in the Ashram and moreover, she turned out to be an enthusiastic learner. She loves going to school.

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Case Study - Bulti Nayek

Today is a gift, which is why it is called “Present”. But life was no gift for Bulti. There was a time when she was considered a burden by her family. Losing her leg in an accident when she was not even a year old, she was neglected by her community. Not being able to be a helping hand to her community, Bulti had almost lost faith in herself, considering herself useless.
The thought of learning had never occurred as there was apparently no use of it either.She stayed at home doing nothing. Moreover, that she was a girl added more brick to the wall which barred her from living a life she wanted to.She did not haveany social support of any kind.It was as if life itself had abandoned her.Presently 14 years old,Bulti was seldom bullied by others due to her lost right leg and this made her stay back at home and not go out much. Her childhood was everything other than what it was supposed to be.
But among all these calamities, a lamp still glowed in Bulti’s heart. A lamp whose spark never fizzed off. She continued to fight for herself all through these 14 years and today finally she has stood upto life. With the donations from the society members and the efforts of SOUL, Bulti is now living her dream.
She has been admitted to a school where she is receiving her long deserved right of education. SOUL has provided her with crutches which help her to “walk her path.”Now she too can dream in a way no one but her thought she could. Now she too can prove herself to all those people who disregarded her when she needed them the most. Now she too has friends who understand her and support her.
From hesitating to talk with anyone at all to speaking in English about child marriage as much as she could, Bulti has come a long proud way.Her breakthroughs have also been appreciated by her community which once had neglected her. She has been accepted by them and all this is due to her never-give-up attitude towards life and a little help from the society .

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