Case Study - Baisakhi Mullick

Baisakhi Mullick is another member of the Ashram. Soft-spoken, she impressed everyone around her with her calmness. Coming from a family which had the same issues of societal backwardness, she was one of those many girls whose future was tangled in the wedding knot. Her family’s only decision for her was to send her off to her in-laws. And as usual, her education was of no importance.


After SOUL took her in, a new energy was born in her. It was clearly visible how happy she was being with the people around her. She was also found to be a quick-learner and can be seen taking part in a drama on child marriage speaking against it and that too in English.

Link to the drama video: (the girl on the extreme left)

She is also very good in Sports, a talent which she herself was unaware of and only came to realize it after she became a member of the Ashram.